Excited to Share a Mind and Body Transformation! I have finished the 4 month diastasis recti program today; and HELLO TRANSFORMATION!!! I am beyond THRILLED! … It was 20 years ago that I started my pregnancy journey and 13 years since I have been trying to get my body in better shape and reclaim the confidence I used to have in my body. C-section for my first, VBAC for my second, and varicose vein concerns for my third.

I have tried many, many programs: kickboxing, weight lifting, cardio, etc. and had gone through many different eating plan approaches and NOTHING WORKED!! Enter in current time, still searching for an approach that will produce results, my older sister starting focusing on her health and weight management during the start of the pandemic and upon doing her own research, she discovered that she had diastasis recti and found a program that worked and she saw changes in her body. I, of course, looked at her suggestions, but started to review programs as well that supported diastasis recti and BOOM!!! Moms Into Fitness diastasis recti program was amongst my search.

Reading all the details that Lindsay Brin provided in the diastasis recti section and then what to expect as I progressed onto to one of the other programs, I knew I had to give it a trial run. I did the finger test and was so surprised to have a three finger separation. Even with a one week trial, I knew I found the right plan for me. I only dreamt that one day my body would change, I mean REALLY, REALLY change!! A core foundation training approach with a focus on the transverse abs, the breaths, bracing the abs, all the knowledge and awareness of what my core should be doing and why I hadn’t been seeing results before become clear when I saw my body CHANGING!! For REAL changing!!I

Now know why I have never felt I could run comfortably or I struggled with planks or push-ups and other exercises … all that pressure on my untrained abs. I hadn’t been taught how to properly engage my abs and work to strengthen and improve my ab separation. Here I am now, with a scale victory and non-scale victory. I am under 140 lbs and I haven’t been at this weight in over 20 years. The number doesn’t matter to me anymore. The non-scale victory of how I feel about my body, how it has changed (I am still in awe daily), how I feel in my clothes, my overall health and the improvement I have made with my ab separation, and currently doing scar tissue massage daily to reduce my C-section pooch — those are the VICTORIES I AM PRAISING RIGHT NOW!!

I know that I will continue to improve my body with each new program I embrace and I will slowly work my way up to the more advanced levels, where I will become stronger. I am so very grateful for Moms Into Fitness and look forward to all the programs I will try next. Barre Sport for Diastasis Recti is up next!!!

— Adriel


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