30 Day Core

Can you carve 25 minutes, 5 days a week, out of your busy mom schedule? I know you are the family BRAIN and the last thing you want to do is figure out which exercises are right for you to lose weight and slim your waistine. So let ME give you the Blueprint – YOU give yourself the commitment.

You’ll get five different workout programs, each one lasting just 20-28 min. Your abs will be loaded differently each day. And since abs need recovery (recovery time is actually what pulls your muscles in like a corset – the fibers repair and shrink) our 30 Day Calendar provides just the right amount!

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Cost: $25


30 Day Core

The Program

Barefoot Core Focus Workout

Did you know that your core comes into play whenever you perform major ‘compound’ exercises for the entire body? This workout builds on that principle, helping you tighten and tone your entire body, all while melting calories and firming those abs.
28 min

The Cardio Torch Workout

There’s nothing to get your heart rate up like this cardio torch session. This is done HIIT style, with 90 seconds of fast paced training (anaerobic) followed by 3 minutes of cardio (aerobic) work.
27 min or 36 min option

The Shred Workout

Because abs aren’t the only thing that matters, this workout is designed to really strengthen all the muscles – legs and arms included. It’ll build lean muscle mass, which will rev your metabolic rate and make it easier to burn fat 24 hours a day.
25 min

The Cardio Core Workout

Another jolt of energy-boosting cardio, this session targets fat burning along with core strength, helping you tighten your waistline in a hurry.
30 min or 37 min option

Our 360° Core & Flexibility Workout

A lighter workout of the week, this session will lengthen your muscles, giving you enhanced range of motion, better posture, and improved flexibly which you can then apply to your other sessions. You’ll also do exercises for the transverse abdominis, which is the most impacted “mom” muscle. Do this session and a flatter stomach will be yours in the future.
27 min

So don’t put off taking care of yourself and body any longer.

Many busy moms feel helpless when it comes to their fitness plan either because they don’t know what exercises are right for them or they just don’t have the time to squeeze in the sessions they know they should be doing. Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny or have never worked out before, this program is the solution for you.

Includes 30 day Core Calendar

and the Mix n’ Match Meal Plan

Choose from Gluten Free, Clean Eats, Simple Eats, Bread Eats, Chicken based, Vegetable based and much, much more! All to help streamline weight loss.

* Please note that this program is not for those with diastasis recti (abdominal separation). If you have this condition, please use our Postnatal SlimDown program, complete with DIastasis Recti modifier. In 30 Day Core there are some important traditional exercises like planks, push-ups, back exercises, etc. that can make the separation worse. And when developing and researching this 30 Day Core program we decided not to eliminate some of these key exercises.