Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Here are some simple steps to streamline your post-baby weight loss.  

1) Diet and Nutrition can begin right away.  When you are trying to lose weight after having a baby we rcoemmend following our easy 12 steps – print your Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips.  You can also check out our Breastfeeding nutrition tips.

2) Pelvic Floor Training can also begin right away.  Check out the video below.

3)  Check yourself for Diastasis Recti!  You can read more about how to exercise with diastasis recti or test yourself for diastasis recti in the video below.

4) Try our PostNatal Programs with 3-Phase Core Recovery for FREE.  Instantly download to your iPad, PC/Mac or Tablet.  It really is that easy.  Start within the next 2 minutes, that is if you are 4-6 weeks postpartum and your OB has given you the ok to exercise!  Also includes Diastasis Recti workouts!

Lindsey Brin
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