Post-Pregnancy Nutrition – How to Diet after Pregnancy – Weight Loss

We have 12 Post-Baby Tips for you. Scroll down to print the list!

Weight loss after pregnancy

Your body is a fat burning machine following pregnancy. You will lose weight after pregnancy. And the good news, is that the pregnancy weight you will have to lose will go when the baby is born and 6 weeks post-baby. The rest is up to you and how you take care of yourself. Your uterus is back to its normal size and you’re left with loose skin, loose muscles and probably a few more lbs. than going into the pregnancy. Lindsay wants to make it easy for you with the new baby at home. No grocery lists or wacky diets to follow, just real solutions for moms.

How to “Diet” after Pregnancy

You are tired and time is limited…so make it easy on yourself! MIF encourages you to add 2 Tips each week. And over the next 6 weeks you will notice a big difference in your waistline and your eating habits! Print this List

1) Plate Method – Make your main dish vegetables, instead of meat. Fill your plate with vegetables which you will eat first, then ¼ of your plate with lean protein and ¼ of your plate with whatever you wish. And add an 8 oz glass of skim milk if you need some extra calcium &protein!

2) Clean it up!! Get rid of empty calories. A calorie is a calorie but MIF calls it empty because it has no nutrients/vitamins and doesn’t fill you up. Do not drink your calories! Eliminate the regular soda, juice and especially alcohol if you’ve still got a lot of weight to lose. But if you can’t live without it make sure your beverage of choice is less than 150 calories a day.
On that Note…All of your meals should be with water, except dinner can be with milk. Even if you have to flavor your water with those 10 calorie crystal light flavor packets.

3) Track Yourself with our Progress Tracker. Weigh and measure yourself on Monday mornings. You must be accountable!

4) Eat HIGH Volume foods – also known as Fat Burning Foods like soups, salads, vegetables, lean protein. You will be satisfied with fewer calories! These foods have added fiber and lots of water to fill you up. MIF faves are: Mexican soup, pasta fozoulle soup, baked potato with broccoli/cheese, apples, side salad with vinaigrette as a snack, shrimp cocktail, chicken salad and any soup from the deli or a can! You can find the soup recipes on

5) 1 glass of water before every meal or snack – It will help you feel full and flush fat!

6) Decide if you are a 3 meal/2 snack person or 5 small meals a day person. And Eat inside your perimeter, meaning once you decide your meals/snacks there is no nibbling between!

7) No eating after dinner. Spend your sleep burning through stored fat, not fat you just ate. It does not matter when you eat the calories (a calorie is a calorie no matter what time of day). This rule applies to moms because after dinner is when most moms give into temptation and eat a majority of calories!

How to Avoid Eating at Night – go to bed early, spend the rest of the evening in your bedroom where food is off limits, take a relaxing bath, drink some hot tea with honey for a little or zero calorie beverage.

8) Once a Week – Unfortunately you cannot give into every temptation and lose weight. But you should give into your cravings one time a week!!!

9) Get your zzzz’s. We know you are saying “yeah right!” But studies show getting enough sleep can help your hunger. Get it when you can, even if it’s a small nap when the baby is sleeping.

10) Do not let one mistake sabotage your goal! Make up for your splurge at your next meal by eating a meal full of veggies, water and protein.

11) Start your day off healthy – Never start a day with a drive thru or pastry shop.

12) No BLT’s—That means NO bites, licks and tastes. And no eating the leftovers off your child’s plate, not even a bite! You have to own what you put in your mouth. We know the temptation is always there, but most of the time this is the difference between fighting to get into your Fat Jeans and slipping into your Skinny Jeans.

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