How do I get rid of Cellulite after pregnancy?

First and foremost cellulite is plain old fat. And the only way to get rid of cellulite without surgery is through nutrition and exercise, mostly exercise. The more muscle you have the smoother look you can get.

But why do some fit women still have cellulite? Women’s fat cells are separated into honeycomb looking compartments. And then fat can push through and create the cottage cheese effect. Your genetics determine where and how many fat cells you have, but through exercise you can minimize the appearance of cellulite.

So why don’t men seem to have cellulite like women? The answer lies in male genetics. They are blessed with streamlined connective tissue instead of honeycombs.

So how do you minimize the look of cellulite? Plain and simple, strength training.

As we women get older, the skin gets a little thinner. So even a little bit of cellulite will show through. Combine that with the metabolism getting a little slower every decade, and fat production increases with age. Avoid this vicious cycle and get on an exercise cycle! Seriously, take the opportunity to be proactive and prevent excess cellulite!

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