Nutrition 101

For Nutrition during Pregnancy and Nutrition during Post-Pregnancy please click on the Pregnancy or Post-Pregnancy tab. Click here for the Nutrition for Weight Loss, Top 10 Tips.

Eating for weight loss, eating for your blood type, Atkins, the raw food diet, macrobiotic diet and diet pills. Diets do damage! Your body goes into its survival mechanism and lowers your metabolism by 15%. Use the free MIF tools and you will see results. It’s simple, all you have to do is follow rules like eating your vegetables first and drinking a glass of water before eating. No tofu and broccoli here, just meal plans and ideas your entire family can use. Which means you cook one meal, not one for each member of the family! Take a few minutes to learn about your metabolism and why you can’t eat like you did in high school. Then print off your FREE meal plans and get some FREE workouts!

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