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Weight Loss 101

Top 10 weight Loss Tips for Moms

1. Eat within a few hours of waking up. If you are on the run, take a piece of fruit with you and savor some oatmeal or an English Muffin with 1T peanut butter when you have a few minutes to sit.

2. No eating 2 hours before bedtime. Find another activity like a hot bath, drinking hot tea or reading!

3. Eat dinner with your family. Easy, right? But what we don’t want to see you do is scarf down your food between meals or eat dinner twice – once with your partner and once with the kids.

4. Drink 1 cup of water before and during every meal. Water fills you up and flushes fat, so drink 1 cup (or 8 oz.) before you eat and sip another cup during your meal. Also, when a craving arrives at your front door, drink a glass of water. Most of the time your body is thirsty, not hungry!

5. Eat within your perimeter. This means no mindless snacking. Plan your 3 meals and 1-2 snacks and eat nothing else in between! If you need help with a meal plan check out the MIF Free Meal Plan. Also see #7 below.

6. Do not let your cycle dictate your cravings. Did you know your body burns 200-300 extra calories/day in the week following ovulation? Maybe you feel a little ravenous around this time? Your body temperature is increased, and therefore your metabolism increases to keep up. When a woman goes through menopause and no longer ovulates she loses this extra calorie burn, which is why some of our moms gain weight after menopause. So take advantage of the extra calorie burn…don’t add more calories for your body to burn through! Use this time to lose a little more!

7. Conquer Snack Time. Check out Lindsay’s “not so scientific” tips on her Blog.

8. Eat your veggies first. It sounds like the ol’ golden rule every mom repeats to her child, but it’s important to eat them before you eat anything else. Why? Veggies are known for their fiber and filling nutrients. They are considered a high volume food and fill you up with less calories.

9. Use the Plate Method. Make your main dish vegetables, instead of meat. Fill 1/2 your plate with vegetables which you will eat first, then ¼ of your plate with lean protein and ¼ of your plate with whatever you wish. And add an 8 oz glass of skim milk if you need some extra calcium! If you do this for a few days you WILL lose lbs. immediately!

10.Workout 4-5x/week for weight loss and 3-4x/week for weight maintenance. Spend the extra time working out during the weight loss phase. Then amp up your workouts during weight maintenance, but spend less time working out.

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