As seen on TV, Moms Into Fitness® creator Lindsay Brin, C.P.T. & B.S.E. Exercise Science, is a pre/post-natal fitness expert, international author and co-founder of Mommy Coach. She has starred in and choreographed 43 fitness DVDs designed for moms, based on her research with Major Universities. Brin’s programs are used to certify other fitness professionals. And her expertise can been found in Fit Pregnancy and Mom and Baby Magazines as well as on Target shelves.

Lindsay’s lifelong passion for fitness developed while growing up and watching her mother teach aerobics. Her passion further developed with her Exercise Science degree, heading pre/post-natal studies at major universities, cheering for the NFL and 15 years experience working with moms.

Lindsay is an approachable, real and inspiring resource for women of all ages. Lindsay’s faith and the strength of her family have helped her get where she is today. Lindsay lives in the suburbs of St. Louis, with her husband, David, their little girl, little boy and baby girl.

To find out more about who she is, and not just what she does, please visit her blog www.lindsaybrin.com. You’ll also see the good, the bad and the ugly pictures of Lindsay getting her body back. Week-by-Week photos starting from the day she got home from the hospital.


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